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What can a 45 min portrait session get you?

What can 45 min get you in a portrait session?! a lot! Met up with @jedelyunker a few weeks ago at 4pm to get some new headshots done but with daylight savings cutting our time short (hello to the new normal of it being pitch black by 5pm!) we had less than an hour to make Jedel’s vision a reality. Luckily, she watched some posing tips on TikTok and showed up ready to SLAY. Literally blew it out of the water. I was so excited about these photos that even though I told her it would take me a week or two to get the final edits to her I accidentally edited them all in one night 😂 #sorrynotsorry

Also I've never found so much joy in a good black & white before. The way her freckles pop just makes me feel like WHOA.

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