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Stickerlishious brand photos spring 2021

Updated: May 24, 2023

A new laptop brings with it not just increased efficiency and better hardware... it brings an opportunity to re-brand. To announce to the world via the stickers and vinyl decals on its face exactly who you are what what kind of attitude you bring to the world. When I got a new laptop this summer I meticulously planned my sticker placement, digging through the piles of stickers I'd been hoarding away for the past few years awaiting just this moment. I knew I wanted to tell a story about myself via those images. And this summer, with a new laptop in hand for the first time in years, I finally had the chance.

At Sickerlishious, a local woman-owned company that I work with here in Bend, they understand this personal branding via stickers better than anyone. They design, produce, and sell stylish stickers for your water bottles, laptops, iPads, sporting goods, car windows and any other hard surfaces you can think of!

And each season when we get together for their new branding photos, I'm blown away by their creativity, community spirit, and genuine "live life happy" mindset. Here are a few shots from our recent branding photography shoot in Bend, Oregon.

Stickerlishious: Live Life Happy

Stickers & decals

The Stickerlishious Team

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