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Father's Day photoshoot at Discovery Park in Bend, Oregon

Updated: May 23, 2021

When my friend Jacki asked if I would do a Father's Day photoshoot for her and her sisters, the answer was immediately yes! Growing up I always wanted siblings. I spent hours alone in my room playing with my dolls and reading my books just wishing for a sister to poke or cuddle.

As a young adult, I never dated an only child for long. I already came from divorced parents and had no siblings... so something I craved and searched for in my own adult life was a big family full of loud conversation and long dinner tables.

So when I got to photograph these three beautiful sisters this summer, it was SO MUCH FUN. Based on their amazing banter I can only imagine that life growing up together was exactly what I always dreamed having siblings would be like: a little bit of gentle ribbing and a whole lot of love.

Camera settings: shooting with my Sony Alpha 6500 and my Sony 16-35 F2.8 lens. We met at a local park here in Bend where the light was behind us. It was a little bright so the girls kept their sunnies on and we moved into a public shelter for a few with the off. Edited in Lightroom using my favorite Magnolia presets by Champagne Unicorns.

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