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Foreign Rider x TTL launch

Believe it or not about half way through this shoot Eric and I had almost written it off as a dud. It was sprinkling. The sky was meh. We had a beer. Waited it out. We had gotten a few good shots sure but nothing special yet.

At the last minute we decided to drive to an easy trail right off the road and see if the sky would give us anything fun to work with. Again, we thought we missed it. The sun was behind the hill. The light was good but not great.

Then all the sudden we turned around & BOOM rainbow 🌈

Then 3 minutes later cotton candy sky 💕

Such a fun evening with friends and even more special collab for @eric_lagerstrom who has been dreaming this one up for years. Get ‘em while you can!

thankful, thankful, thankful!

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