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Wildflower Fashion Truck brand photos summer 2020

Updated: May 23, 2021

When Tara asked me if I wanted to come take some photos with her and her gorgeous @wildflower_mobile_boutique truck, you bet I was interested!

I’ve loved getting to know her over this past year in Bend after she took over the truck, and am so impressed by her warmth and integrity. Her goal for the truck is to be a genuine part of them Bend community and help uplift women while doing it

Grateful for another opportunity to practice my photography chops and grateful for our friendship!

I also had the opportunity to crash a bachelorette party with the truck.

The truck pulled up to the party, the girls got to do a little personal shopping, and I stood outside and photographed the whole thing. Definitely pushing me out of my comfort zone - but I’m thankful for the challenge!

P.s. all the clothes in these photos are from the truck. Shop in person at @spokenmoto in Bend, on Instagram, or online!

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